Outreachy Internship Report 5

I’m currently in the tenth week of my internship and just starting the third phase. During this phase, I’ll develop a demo app to demonstrate the usage of around three MediaWiki Action API modules. I was so excited to start this phase and I’m glad that it’s finally here.

The end of the second phase didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked due to some circumstances. In a period of less than a month, I got the news of the sudden deaths of two people who were close to me. One of them was someone I had known for a while and looked upto. She was a coterm Computer Science student at Stanford University. She had interned at Facebook and was set to work there after her graduation, which was supposed to be last month. She had such big dreams for herself and Africa. She seemed to have the best of everything and you’d think that such a person wouldn’t be a victim of depression or even suicide. I also lost mum’s cousin, who had grown up in my mum’s home since he was young, so he was like immediate family to us but he died through a road accident.

These news threw me off for a while and I could tell that the quality of my work was slipping, my pace was getting slow and my judgement of what was required to improve a page was sometimes off. To make matters worse, the pages I was working on had a lot of page-views, so they required a lot of focus and accuracy. However, my mentor helped me a lot in giving really useful and detailed feedback and we finally completed working on those pages.

I’m kind of back on track now, and I’m grateful to my mentor for being patient with me. With my mentor’s help, I’ve completed twenty-two pages and twenty-one have been merged to the main namespace. One is still in my sandbox and waiting for feedback from other community members before I can merge it to the main namespace. If I complete working on the demo app early, we may go back to working on a few more pages, but for now, it feels good to switch gears a bit.