Outreachy Internship Report 2

I just started the third week of my internship and it has been interesting so far. According to my timeline, I should improve the documentation of three API pages weekly but on the first week, I had done all the three pages by Wednesday. I’ll be honest that this was partly due to a fear of falling behind. I later realized that I had to learn how to moderate and take my time because while it’s important that I achieve my timeline goals, it’s also important that I produce quality work. Rushing through the tasks will only result in mediocre work.

I have also been reading lots of technical documentation guidelines in order to improve my documentation skills and produce the best work. I have to be deliberate with how I phrase my words, and go through my work several times before submitting it. To be able to effectively explain to others how something works, one needs to have good knowledge of the project and the users as well. The documentation also needs to be clear, correct, and structured so the reader can find what they need. In order to understand the API users more, I subscribed to the mediawiki-api mailing list and I’ve been going through it’s archives as well. By going through the archives, I got to find lots of important information that could be added to the documentation of some modules.

I really appreciate the work that was done by the previous intern because through his blog posts and chat with the mentor, I was able to know which challenges he faced and try to address them beforehand. My mentor has also been really helpful.

An Outreachy chat was held on Zulip this week and the discussion was mostly around blogging platforms. They encouraged us to host our own blogs and preferred if we don’t use Medium. I was using Medium at the time so I had to set up this blog with Jekyll and also transfer my content from Medium.