How to Choose a Machine Learning algorithm from the Command Line

When creating machine learning applications, there are many algorithms that can be used for a particular problem. The best one is usually determined by trying out several and comparing their results. Command line applications can be used to choose which algorithms to train on, and even tune the hyperparameters of the said algorithms. More …

Outreachy Internship Report 6

It’s the eleventh week of my internship and I’m in the third phase of my internship, which is working on a demo app that demonstrates the usage of more than one MediaWiki Action API module. The demo app I’ve been working on has the following features:

  • Lists the current day’s holidays and observances from Wikipedia.
  • Allows searching for holidays of other dates other than the current date.
  • Allows authentication into Wikipedia in order to add a new holiday.
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Outreachy Internship Report 5

I’m currently in the tenth week of my internship and just starting the third phase. During this phase, I’ll develop a demo app to demonstrate the usage of around three MediaWiki Action API modules. I was so excited to start this phase and I’m glad that it’s finally here.

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Outreachy Internship Report 4

I’m currently in the second phase of my internship, which is “Working on overview pages”. Overview pages are pages which contain information not specific to an API module. This consists of general information about the API like the API’s data formats and errors.

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